CES 2018 is over and it has been a great success for us. We have definitely been noticed. Here are some recent articles that featured me.mum:

BBC.com mentioned as one of CES 2018 coolest products in their article that you can read here. 

Medicalfuturist.com mentioned us in their article about new health related gadgets that you can read here.

Bright.nl featured us in their article about top 8 gadgets of 2018. You can read the article here.

Lamalista.com wrote about us as the first of 6 things not to miss in 2018. Read the article here.

IEEE Spectrum also mentioned us in their article about the best CES 2018 gadgets . Read the article here.

ApArchive did a video interview with us. Watch it here. 

Soon we will write a post about our experiences on CES 2018 and what it all means for our future and the production of our first commercial product.

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