For those of you who still wonder how works here is a step by step guide to how the process will look. The me.mum consists of two parts: me.mum applicator and the me.mum smartphone application. They work together to give you the most accurate results about you present and future fertile days.

Step 1

Mount the me.mum phone mask. The me.mum phone mask enables you to connect your me.mum applicator using a magnet.


Step 2

Apply a small amount of saliva, with your finger, to the petri dish on the top of the applicator and wait for it to dry.



Step 3

Connect the me.mum applicator to your phone camera and open your smartphone application. Now click the “Analyze” button.



Step 4

The me.mum application analyzes your saliva specimen and tells you your result. It also automatically stores all your data.




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